The Weekend, Thus Far

by Jeff on June 21, 2009 · 0 comments

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I drove down to Philly yesterday to see what might be the last gasp of Wizard World Philadelphia.  With the show consistently being scheduled on the same weekend as Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC, Wizard’s recent acquisition of Big Apple Con, and its position already sandwiched between New York at the beginning of the con season and Baltimore at the end, there’s plenty of speculation that the event may go the way of the dodo.  The crowds seemed smaller than in past years, despite a significant amount of big name creators on-hand at the show.

I covered a few of the Marvel and DC panels (which I twittered through yesterday), but I’m still not certain about where they’ll be appearing (don’t worry – I may shamelessly link to them).  I also nabbed a very cool sketch of Armor (from the X-Men) by Jaime Fay, who is currently working on a project with Rich Bernatovich of Sentinels fame (I’ve never actually read Sentinels before, despite the significant buzz around the book.  I grabbed the entire series yesterday on the cheap and will talk more about it over on Alert Nerd when I get through it).

After the con, I met up with some friends and we Rock Banded until early in the morning.  I was told that I do not play the game correctly because I actually sing when on vocals instead of shouting the lyrics as loud as I can.  Nevertheless, I am raspy and gravel-voiced today.

I also bought a tie this weekend.  There are a couple of ties at Cyberoptix that make me all drooly, like the Lorem Ipsum one and this one with a badass unicorn on it.  However, because of my height, I usually buy extra long ties (the extra six inches of tie length are the difference between me looking classy and looking mentally challenged).  So I contacted Bethany to see if she stocked any extra long ties, and she told me that she could custom-make me one with any of the existing designs.  I opted for the Lorem Ipsum tie, and I’m definitely going to be picking some others in the future (I know that I’ve declared a gift-free birthday, but that unicorn tie is awesome.  Just saying).

And I still need to buy my dad something for Father’s Day.   My sis bought him an iPod Shuffle, which should be hilarious, and I’m planning on grabbing an iTunes card or something accessory-y.  But I still haven’t dragged myself out of the house.  We’ll see how that goes.

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