Project Mixtape Week: Listener Supported

by Jeff on September 24, 2009 · 0 comments

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Tomorrow is the end of Project Mixtape Week, and I’m going to close it down with an explosion of 80s covers (because it’s also Friday Cover Songs day, you dig?).  But today I’m going to slow it down and talk a bit and open it up (fingers crossed) for comment.

One of the anecdotes that I often tell to illuminate people on my general cluelessness with girls is that a coworker, when I was in high school, gave me a mixtape that started with Ani Difranco’s “Untouchable Face,” a song she “really wanted me to listen to. Really listen to,” she immediately added for emphasis.  My response, upon listening, was to ask her if she could copy some more Ani Difranco music because I really liked it.  Hi, this is me.  I’m stupid.  Going back to Monday’s mix, the storied song that I can’t listen to all the way through?  On a mix CD that someone made for me (its intention was obvious; I am not that dense).

What kind of mixecdotes do you have?  Do you have any specific OCD tendencies when it comes to making them?  Me, I generally sneak Christmas songs  onto mixtapes for no reason.

Talk to me.

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