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by Jeff on September 23, 2009 · 1 comment

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Social media is not technology; it is a philosophy, a philosophy that relies on a set of complementary technologies to function. Facebook is not social media; it is a social media platform, the rook on the chessboard. Social media is an act – the act of a publisher creating and serving content to anyone from anywhere. Forget about ‘going viral’ for a second and consider that that’s really just all it is. It is nothing that we don’t do in real life, but the tech removes barriers.

If you’re a social startup, don’t focus on the pieces. Focus on the board. Focus on the rules. If you are worried about competing with Twitter and Facebook, adjust your thinking. Think instead about your user and the way he or she uses the ‘net. Think about how they’ll be using it a year from now, two years from now, five years from now. Will mobile finally break through and gain the prominence in North America that it has in other areas of the world? Will content consumption swing back to segmentation from its current fad of aggregation? Will XMPP (and by extension Google Wave) change everything? How does your idea tap into the next thing?

That’s what you need to be asking, because that’s how you compete with what’s entrenched – by being what’s next and owning it, the same way that Facebook did and that Twitter did. Of course, Facebook is showing signs of slowed momentum lately, reacting not innovating. There’s a lot of buzz about how the ‘Book is going to dismantle Twitter with its new features, but it smacks of lazy control freaking to me.

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