Friday Cover Songs #900

by Jeff on February 19, 2010 · 0 comments

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Phoenix – Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands (Bob Dylan cover)

Iron and Wine – Same Old Song (Four Seasons cover)

So the theme today is that there kind of isn’t a theme. I’ve been sitting on that Phoenix cover since last week and, while I have more than enough Dylan covers to do a second all-Dylan post, my heart isn’t in that today.  However, it’s so…Phoenix doing a Dylan cover that I can’t keep it under the proverbial bushel basket.

The Iron and Wine cover is here because I’ve been listening to the really great Valentine’s Day mix CD that C made for me and, while “Same Old Song” wasn’t on that disc (and woe to me if it were, since it’s a break up song), her CDs always include at least one really kick-ass Motown song, this one being no exception.  I told her, and it’s absolutely the truth, that she’s responsible for making me remember how great that era of music is.  I don’t listen to the radio a lot anymore, which means that I’m plugged into my iPod most of my music-listening time.  As a consequence of my music consumption habits, the 30 or so gigs of music on said iPod don’t feature a lot of older bands that I love – I have almost always opted to explore a new band instead of replacing a cassette tape, which admittedly has mixed results.  One of my goals for this year, though, is to rectify that a bit.

Q&A time: What are the big gaps in your iPod library?

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