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by Jeff on October 14, 2010 · 0 comments

in Things I Hate

1.  When I meet internet people for the first time, I get weirded out when I’m called by my online handle, whether it be Jefferson or TheOtherJeff or DazzlerFan69 or what have you.  It has been years since I attempted to live anonymously on the Internet – call me by my damn name.

2. The @grantmorrison Twitter account is now actually being operated by the drug-addled Scottish writer himself. I expect wonderful things from this.

3. I had a three. But it’s obviously not as poignant as I thought it was.

4. I hate having a bad day at work because I can’t even feel bad about it. Every time you start to gripe, one of your sad sack friends calls you out because ‘hey, you have a job.’  As much as I would love to job hunt fruitlessly for two months, give up and dedicate myself to staying in the bathtub for four hours at a time, I think I’ll just keep my job and occasionally complain about the bureaucracy and tedium. I’m allowed.

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