Vigilantism, Part Two

by Jeff on January 17, 2012 · 0 comments

in Things I Hate

Natasha rightly provides some equal time for Mr. Arthur Brisbane in the comments to last week’s reductive outburst on the New York Times’ ‘Truth Vigilante’ flap. We had pretty candid debate about the ‘Truth Vigilantism’ issue during Grey’s Anatomy commercial breaks last week and, as a journalist instead of just a guy who is a bit of a dick, her opinion is the more reasoned, coherent, correct one.

Of course Arthur Brisbane is not asking ‘should we report factual inaccuracies’ – but rather wondering aloud where the line is between calling out a bad fact attributed to a newsmaker (“Despite these allegations, candidate Gingrich has never been charged with a sexual crime involving otters.”) and attempting some sort of omnipresience (“We all know Ron Paul intends his stance on foreign policy as the first step toward a one-world government controlled by reptilian aliens living on a sub-orbital bio-satellite that travels through time”). And there is a worthy discussion to be had on that topic.

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