Hi, I’m Jeff Stolarcyk.

Over the past few years I’ve been a gaming journalist, a comic book reviewer, a college teacher, an IT trainer in a large hospital system and, most recently, an Internet Marketing “expert” at Solid Cactus Web.com.  Currently, I’m (one of) Solid Cactus’s Email Marketing Manager(s) and a part-time Designer.  I was a frequent contributor (my name used to be in the masthead) to the now-defunct eBiz Insider magazine (much of which is still available online at the link), and have spoken about blogging and social media to audiences at conferences and other events.

Not-so-professionally, you might know me from my involvement in Alert Nerd Press, a digital publishing imprint focusing on geek literature. I like writing things; if you want me to write things for you, please send me an email.

I’m a giant nerd. I love literature, movies, comic books, video games and the dozens of gigs of music on my iPod in the same way that more sociable people love puppies. I’m pretty okay; I even have testimonials:

“Dapper” – Sarah Kuhn
“Seriously Tall” – Matt Springer
“You inspire the hell outta me daily.” – Dan Faust
“Sweet” – Nikki O.
“A Solid Cat” – Clarence Smith, Jr.
“Motherf*****.” – Kevin Church
“There’s always a spot in my murdergang open for you, Jeff.” – Hugh Stewart
“You seem like the kind of person who would own a few fake swords.” – Ashley