Friday Cover Songs

Friday Cover Songs #900

19 February 2010

Phoenix – Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands (Bob Dylan cover) Iron and Wine – Same Old Song (Four Seasons cover) So the theme today is that there kind of isn’t a theme. I’ve been sitting on that Phoenix cover since last week and, while I have more than enough Dylan covers to do a […]


Friday Cover Songs – My Morning Jacket Edition

12 February 2010

My Morning Jacket is a prolific cover band, probably on par with The Decemberists for sheer volume.  This isn’t even counting things like Jim James’s solo EP of George Harrison covers (which is awesome).  There are likely dozens of MMJ covers out there in the ether, and these are likely not the best ones, but […]


Friday Cover Songs – The Worst Covers Ever

29 January 2010

Some of you still think cover songs are bad. I imagine these covers are part of the reason why. This take on Europe’s “The Final Countdown” may be the most terrible thing ever perpetrated on state fairs.  I find it more amusing than I should. A close second to the above is this battle of […]


Friday Cover Songs – Bowie’s In Space

22 January 2010

Oh snap! It’s Friday Cover Songs. Two. Weeks. In. A. Row. This week, we’ve got some David Bowie on the menu. Seu Jorge – Life On Mars M. Ward – Let’s Dance TV On The Radio – Heroes The Last Town Chorus – Modern Love I don’t know that I’d list Bowie in that sentimental, […]


Friday Cover Songs – Leave Britney Alone

15 January 2010

Back in the halcyon days when I did this every Friday, I may have mentioned doing a week of nothing but covers of Britney Spears’ “Womanizer.” Over the past few weeks, perhaps just to try and cope with the crushing grief of FCS’s absence during my quasi-hiatus, no fewer than a half-dozen people have asked […]


Friday Cover Song

11 December 2009

Just one today, ladies and gentlemen. But it is a doozy. Chester French – She Wolf (Shakira cover) I owe you all for last week, too, so maybe you’ll get some bonus covers over the weekend.


Friday Cover Songs – Pop Diva Edition

27 November 2009

Christina Aguilera may have faded into obscurity and Britney Spears may have become a mentally ill sexual deviant, but cover songs will always remember them at their best.  Here are some covers of these mid-90s pop powerhouses from some unlikely sources. Elvis Costello – Beautiful (Christina Aguilera cover) Keane – Dirrrty-licious (Christina Aguilera/Beyonce cover) Yael […]


Friday Cover Songs – Disintegration Is The Best Album Ever

20 November 2009

Back during Project: Mixtape Week, I commented that I could do a week of nothing but covers of songs from The Cure. If that is something you’ve been waiting for me to do, you can stop waiting. I don’t suppose I’m voicing an unpopular opinion when I say that I really prefer The Cure’s more […]


Friday Cover Songs – Kenosha Wisconsin’s Own

13 November 2009

Despite its rad name and memetic album cover, Raditude isn’t Weezer’s best album.  It’s no Pinkerton.  It doesn’t even have as many redeeming tracks as the uneven Red Album does.  It’s decent. Sometimes Weezer covers stuff in concert, and that’s generally more than decent. Weezer – Viva La Vida (Coldplay cover) Weezer – Kids/Poker Face […]


Friday Cover Songs – Late Again

8 November 2009

A day late again. This week, there’s no real rhyme or reason to the covers.  Ostensibly. But there is a theme, maybe, and somebody might be able to figure it out. Enjoy. Nirvana – Here She Comes Now (Velvet Underground cover) Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins (f. Ben Gibbard, M. Ward and Conor Oberst) […]