Oh Gee, Read More

11 January 2013

At the outset of 2012, I resolved to read 50 new books and see 50 new movies. I kept track of the effort on Pinterest and, while I managed to watch 70 new films last year, I only managed to read 23 new books. I still have a bit of a TBR pile to slog […]



10 January 2013

I work primarily in email marketing these days. When a customer who is new to email sees the kind of engagement and return that a well-executed, targeted email campaign can generate, there are usually two pernicious impulses birthed within them:  Send email to more people Send email more often As foolproof a plan as that […]


The Beginning of the End

9 January 2013

I was watching V/H/S a few nights ago when it dawned on me in the middle of yet another teenager running away in manic horror without dropping his video camera that I was starting to get a little tired of the ‘found footage’ subgenre of horror films. Certainly, the format has its gems - Paranormal Activity, Blair Witch, […]


Jenny!, Part 2

8 January 2013

I don’t know which of the six girls was Jenny. In my heart, Jenny is all of them. Maybe in some small way Jenny is all of us. So we’re stranded in Brooklyn, somewhere near Coney Island. Four of us, all exhausted and emotionally drained from our madcap race to get back to the bus […]


Jenny!, Part 1

7 January 2013

So, the week before Christmas, a bunch of us went up to NYC to be unabashedly touristy and catch up with some friends. Since nobody likes driving in the city and the ferry now costs something like one newborn baby for a one-way trip, we took a bus tour from the Poconos. That’s not how […]


Extreme Close-Up

2 January 2013

Les Miserables is a frustrating film. At its heights, it is one of the best films of the year. At its worst, it is chaotic and uneven, peopled with actors who don’t always have the vocal ability to handle some difficult parts, and perhaps worst of all, tedious in its second-half sprint toward the finish […]


Station ID

1 January 2013

Jefferson Stolarship is the personal blog of Jeff Stolarcyk. Who is me, the person writing this. You have no reason to have heard of me and I don’t have the same name as anybody famous, so you aren’t here by accident. You can follow me on Twitter, where I livetweet television I hatewatch, and on […]


Happy New Year

31 December 2012

Regular posting resumes tomorrow.



22 October 2012

“If you were tasked with remaking The Ring, how would you do it?” I was asking this question at a diner on a Saturday night, and it sparked a ninety minute digression on the now-faded spate of slick J-horror remakes that dominated American horror cinema for awhile, culminating in a four-way conversation about the audacity of […]


Scenes from My Morning Commute, 10/9/2012

9 October 2012

During the night, someone has thrown a toaster out of a car window.  The toaster has collided with the wrought-iron cemetery fence and shattered, a metal monolith standing erect amid the shards of bakelite detritus that fans out from it across the long, dewy grass. Is the R in the Romney/Ryan campaign signage supposed to […]