5 implausible plots

Five Implausible Paranormal Reality Shows

25 July 2011

Longtime readers know that one of my guilty pleasures is the paranormal subculture – not ghosts and demons themselves, but the people that are completely convinced that they are real things that they can interact with and/or the people who live in that world solely to exploit the belief of the others.  I’ve written about […]


Five Terrible DC Relaunch Pitches

7 June 2011

My Lantern Pony Corps #1: In brightest day, in blackest night, no pasture shall escape their sight.  Chartreuse Harmony is a brash, fearless filly who lives in Ponytopia, a magical place where friendship is a physical object and the sun is powered by wishes. But when Chartreuse Harmony is chosen as the newest member of […]


Five Free Novel Titles for Dean Koontz, Author of the Odd Thomas Novels

26 January 2011

1. I Swear to Odd 2. Kneel Before Odd 3. Where Is Your Odd Now? 4. Are You There, Odd? It’s Me, Margaret. 5. In the Land of Odd, East of Eden You know how to reach me, Koontz. Just send a check, please.


Five Implausible Urban Legends To Base Your New Horror Movie On

20 September 2010

1. Chewing gum is not fully digested for seven years. 2. All conversations in a room stop or pause at 20 minutes after the hour. 3. A statue of St. Joseph will grant speedy progress on property transactions. 4. Vengeful spirits murder anyone who doesn’t retweet them. 5. Sesame Street is replacing Cookie Monster with […]


5 Implausible Endings For LOST

24 May 2010

1. Everything, and everyone, explodes. (This one is my favorite) 2. With a shooter on the loose and the island in lockdown, all of the castaways are faced with the toughest crisis of their lives. 3. Sawyer and Miles evaluate life-changing career opportunities that will sunder their partnership and signal the end of an era […]


5 Implausible Things That Someone Is Going To Turn Into A Movie Someday

12 April 2010

Did you know they’re making a movie of Battleship?  They’re making a movie about those obnoxious E-trade demon babies. I think they’re even making a movie out of The Sims, and that’s a shame because there’s no way in hell it’s about the lives of mad scientists and criminals who speak in a gibberish language […]


5 Implausible Spinoffs for Hot Tub Time Machine

5 April 2010

1. When Nakatomi Plaza is stormed by terrorists trying to break into its vault, the building’s prototype security system activates and sends the building on a madcap journey through several historical eras, all while burned-out alcoholic cop John McClane tries to stop them.  This Christmas…DIE HARD TIME MACHINE: “Yippee Ki Yay, Founding Fathers.” 2. Hot […]


Five Implausible Plots For Final Fantasy XIII

29 March 2010

1. Ridiculously attired sociopaths run in a straight line and kill soldiers for 40 hours. These are the good guys. 2. A man who looks like Lionel Richie dressed as John Lennon – who has a tiny yellow bird living inside his afro – shoots a bunch of people and whines about his bad parenting […]


5 Implausible Plots – Date Night

23 March 2010

Trapped in a stagnant marriage, Clara and Phil steal the identities of a con man and his wife and are plunged into a zany escapade fraught with twists, turns and – just maybe – the rekindling of the spark that once brought them together. That’s one way it could have happened.  But what about…. 1. […]


5 Implausible Sequels Or Spinoffs To The Wolfman

15 March 2010

1. Wolf Tub Time Machine 2. The Wolfman 2: Werewolf By Day 3. Wolfman Babies 4. Confessions of a Wolfaholic 5. Star Trek II: The Wrath of The Wolfman