Author’s Notes From My Follow-Up to the Imaginary Space Werewolf Romance Classic

11 June 2010

[NOTE: Make up an improbable-sounding name; "Acapella" sounds too much like 'Bella'] doesn’t fit in at her new school because she’s simply too perfect. Nobody else understands her deep and unabiding angst over this except for Edwin Culpeper. Edwin is a 4,000 year old mummy. Who exhibits none of the traditional traits of mummydom, save […]



19 May 2010

Frostbite is a bitch. In extreme cold and high winds, blood vessels constrict to conserve core body temperature.  This is one of the body’s safety mechanisms, built in to protect us from exposure. However, the top layers of skin and muscle are now receiving less heat and, coupled with continued exposure to adverse conditions, the […]


A Nightmare On Elm Street ’84

10 May 2010

So, wow, it’s been awhile, right? Work got a little busy last week (NOTE: now two weeks ago!), and the thing I do for free that nobody reads lost out in favor of the thing that pays me. I know, I’m a sell-out. A few nights ago (NOTE: over a week ago), I watched the […]


Horror Movie Review: Kill Theory

20 April 2010

All you need to know about Kill Theory, aside from its Saw-like premise* are these three things: 1. That kid from Mean Girls who sang “Beautiful” in the talent show? He gets a gun and totally freaks out. It is shrill and hilarious, just as you’d expect from that kid from Mean Girls who sang […]


Jeff Watches Harper’s Island

13 April 2010

We’re a few weeks away from the premiere of Happy Town, a new serial thriller about a bunch of murders in a sleepy town with a dark past.  Which puts me in the frame of mind to revisit another classic television thriller  about strange murders in a reclusive small town. Good guess, guys, but no. […]


It’s Like the Tea Party Meets Clowns Meets People Who Watch The Crow Every Day

7 April 2010

Three videos, presented without comment:


31 Days of Terror – Unpopular Opinions

31 March 2010

[I still contend that AVP:R is pretty okay, especially in comparison to its predecessor and some of the weaker entries in the Predator and Alien canons. So there.] If you look back through the archive here, you might notice that there’s no post about Alien Vs. Predator. As a gamer and horror enthusiast, it’s a […]


31 Days of Terror – Skeleton Man + Giveaway

30 March 2010

[I wrote two separate blog posts about the film Skeleton Man in my tenure as a blogger.  The first was what might now be called a liveblog of the first time I watched the movie, the second a more coherent analysis of the film that is truly the bestworst of made-for-SciFi television movies, Sharks In […]


31 Days of Terror: Popcorn

24 March 2010

I first saw Popcorn in high school, which was the perfect time to see it, really. I wasn’t all snobby and critical; I just enjoyed scary movies – especially the kitschy old ones that I’d see on WPIX on Saturday afternoons at my grandmother’s hosue. Popcorn is kind of bad and kind of lame, but […]


31 Days of Terror – The Ring Saga

23 March 2010

[Jeff's mission to blog each day in March on the same topic has gotten handily derailed by the presence of Final Fantasy XIII in his household, but his stumble toward next week's finish line begins here.] It’s unpopular opinion time: I love the American version of The Ring. I’ve never been of the mindset that […]