We Know Drama, Not User Experience

10 January 2012

Warning: Two marketing posts back-to-back, you guys. I’m sorry. I don’t watch a lot of TV on an actual TV these days and most of the TV that I do watch is time-shifted. We live in the future, you know. Instead, I watch a lot of programming on my iPad. Between Hulu and Netflix and […]


Five Implausible Paranormal Reality Shows

25 July 2011

Longtime readers know that one of my guilty pleasures is the paranormal subculture – not ghosts and demons themselves, but the people that are completely convinced that they are real things that they can interact with and/or the people who live in that world solely to exploit the belief of the others.  I’ve written about […]


In It To Win It, Dawg

13 May 2011

I have a shameful confession: I’ve been watching this season of American Idol. I think it’s affecting my sanity, because Randy Jackson’s unique, contentless cadence bounces around through my brain at all times, like, you know, dawg, like, you’re really here, you know, like here, dawg and you’re, like, writing what is maybe the best […]


The Week In #sexdoctors, March 16, 2011

16 March 2011

No musical episode of “Grey’s” until March 30? I feel lied to. Because we’ve all been waiting for so long to see Seattle Grace Mercy West go to the same drug-fueled, song-filled well where the docs of Sacred Heart and Princeton-Plainsboro have already drunk deeply. I’ve been debating the reality of the Seattle Grace ‘ghosts’ […]


The Week in #sexdoctors, February 28-March 4, 2011

7 March 2011

[Welcome to a new recurring feature on this site. Whenever possible, this is where you'll find snarky recaps of the televised exploits of ABC's various casts of sexy doctors who have sex while shouting about ethics, doing experimental surgeries and getting blind drunk. ] Both “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice” took a week off last […]


This Was Inevitable, Really

24 February 2011

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Somewhere In South America…

26 January 2011

As a longtime fan of shameless melodrama in general and Shonda Rhimes in particular, I have been downright exuberant over the recent premiere of “Off the Map,” which I have been live-tweeting under the hashtag #sexdoctors each week. As a show produced under the Shondaland banner, it makes up one part of a sexy medical […]


Twas the Night Before Christmas

25 December 2010

The Christmas special I hate the most is the one where the little shepherd gets struck by lightning and blinded. But I’ve never seen it all the way through, so it’s only fair that I gripe about something I’ve seen in its entirety. And the second worst Christmas special is ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. […]


…With Chaotic Good Tendencies

8 December 2010

(click to giant-size) I’ve been quite entertained by what Christoper Bird has been doing with Alignment Chart week, and wanted to make one of my own. I thought about re-doing the Glee chart, because it’s severely flawed (Rachel Berry is unabashedly evil), but figured it would be more fun to tackle Leverage, which is a) […]


On Comic Con

13 October 2010

1. I go to New York Comic Con every year – have gone as long as there has been one – and I think it’s great to be in one place with a lot of people who are passionate about the things that you’re passionate about in an environment where you can celebrate that stuff, […]