The Year of the QR Code: 20Never

6 January 2012

Warning: This post is at least tangentially related to my job as an online marketer. You may wish to avoid it. About three years ago, I radically redesigned my business cards. This was the first card I designed for myself in the wake of pink kind of accidentally becoming my ‘personal brand’* color. I can […]


It All Ends

15 July 2011

It’s problematic. I look at a lot of the things I love in fiction – fantasy, science fiction, superheroes – and I see that that same basic story structure that props each hero’s journey up ultimately tends to be a little fascistic.  Because when Boy X gets Sword Y and learns how to fight from […]



13 December 2010

Thanks to Dan, I saw this slightly incomprehensible image today: It is, of course, a photo of Gandalf, featuring a quote by Yoda, which has been attributed to Albus Dumbledore.  The thing is a trinitarian artifact of nerd blasphemy that defies belief (except that, on the Internet, unbelievability is inversely proportional to its likelihood of […]



22 November 2010

This one is for lp.



20 November 2010

Warming up a bit to work on something else; sharing it because I think it’s not awful and, let’s be real, it’s high time I post something. This was probably one of my favorite sequences in the movie, which has a really bold visual identity in a way I didn’t think this series of films […]


A Brief Anecdote

12 August 2010

One time I was walking out of the Blockbuster Video in Edwardsville, PA, carrying a movie (I don’t remember which movie) and I got into my car. There was a boy, maybe ten maybe twelve, coming up the strip mall sidewalk toward me, past the chinese buffet, past the Little Caesar’s, past the Radio Shack […]


The Most Important Announcement from San Diego Comic Con 2010

27 July 2010

Wizard People, Dear Reader

12 January 2010

Yes, I know this happened like six years ago and I’m just now seeing it in its entirety. When Lev Grossman wrote The Magicians, it seemed like his goal was to take Harry Potter (well, Harry Potter and Narnia in fact) and give them a ‘gritty, realistic’ spin that, much like a Bret Easton Ellis […]


The Horrifying Spectre Of Education

8 September 2009

I listen to talk radio when I drive into work in the morning.  Because I don’t read a newspaper regularly (yes, despite having several friends that work at newspapers and at one point really wanting to be a for-real journalist myself) and cannot bring myself to watch TV news, listening to local talk personalities cavil […]


Harry Potter And Something About Snogging

21 July 2009

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was pretty okay.  The direction was good.  The effects were universally well-done.  There were even some shots that seemed positively inspired.  The acting was as good as you’d expect, especially from Alan Rickman, who makes the most of his forty-three seconds of screen time.  Everything was pretty great about […]